The tide of destruction has turned, the tools of change are now in your capable hands.

“Energy flows where attention goes!”

“Right now in all ways and forever more, my unconscious mind is not a participating medium of life-harmful mind-programming!”


”YES!”……….. We now have direct access to unconditional information which you can freely use to refresh your mind, relationships and well-being!

Program ID: ENTHUSIASM (Code Name: ‘PERCY’)

2017 global statistics verify that current three dimensional mental health programs are simply not working. Innocent people are being traumatized and wasted by corrupt mind programming and organized profit-based circumstances. The tide of destruction has turned, the tools of change, including directions are now in your capable hands.

As yet, June 2017, most of Humanity does not know how to safely escape the hidden dangers of corporate mind-control circumstances which prevent us from being re-united with Nature’s Universal Awareness Systems and living a healthy existence.

But, what has recently changed is a significant increase in the numbers of people around the World who have discovered how corporate people-farming organizations (Human Resource Management Groups) control and direct our lives at unconscious levels. This developing awareness is triggering a tsunami of collective emotional energy, focused on natural health, meaningful happiness and environment-enhancing global prosperity.

It’s no secret that we are living within conditional mindsets of man-made global suffering and it’s also not a secret that not many people would willfully attract any type of negative circumstances into their lives or the lives of others unless their mind has already been programmed that way. The intention of this document is similar to a ‘Spotlighting Adventure’ in the darkness of three dimensional existence for the purpose of identifying practical easy-to-use universal options for people to disable the true metaphysical prime causes of their individual negative emotional/physical circumstances.

YES!……….. We are committed to Nature’s Law System and how its language-of-action is evolving through human consciousness, showing us how to gain optimum health and youthful longevity.

………… You now have direct access to unconditional information which you can freely use to refresh your mind, relationships and well-being!

‘Existence Stakeholder’ in the context of this site, refers to how and why a specific format of REFRESHED EMOTIONAL RESPONSE PROGRAMMING can be used as critical action to allow health, happiness and best possible longevity to flourish.

There are thousands of years of extensive evidence which demonstrates that all human experiences proceeds from metaphysical (unconditionally true) origins via emotional ego-mind-visualization into physical form or ‘real’ experience.

With that in mind, let’s just have a quick glimpse at how many qualified writers describe The Law of Attraction to whet your appetite for the following guided adventure into the dream-world of infinite creation.

We know that whatever we give attention to, we will attract! But we also know about how global big-business profit-driven organizations already control our sub-conscious minds through multi-media and education marketing. This means that we do what ‘they’ have programmed us to do.

“Energy flows where attention goes”.

Refreshing (Renewing) the mind’s perceptions of circumstances has never been so simple.

From the moment our senses first registered the presence of our parents we are being shown the way that life apparently is according to the hidden ‘business agendas’ of World Population Control Authorities.

Given that most adult humans primarily exist as emotionally developing individuals who respond to life’s circumstances according to how each of our minds were trained during our first few years as a child, to discover how we can become whole healthy creative beings able to experience relationship harmony and good natural health, we are more than likely to require a few tips on how to self-initiate to the workings of universal awareness, so that easy escape from harmful things such as addictions and toxic mind and body poisoning becomes the best available option

No matter what our circumstances are, the following information provides us all with the practical means to help each one of us with a safe and happy mind-transition to unity-awareness and a much better World experience.


Access to the freedom of natural health and relationship prosperity is no more than a basic D.I.Y. ‘Census of Unconscious (sub-conscious) Intent’ combined with a powerful life-enhancing affirmation.

AFFIRMATIONS: (Personal Commitment to Self as an Existence Stakeholder)

Affirmations are statements to yourself, which confirm to your sub-conscious mind how you want to experience the circumstances of life.

Affirmations help everyone to produce the circumstances of life.

But when you think about how words are used to control and manipulate prorammed reactions, it becomes impossible to deny that all human minds have been captured and hypnotized by corporate systems in order maintain their controlling agendas. When words can cause you to react in negative ways, you are mind-trapped and at constant risk of being harmed or causing harm to other mind-trapped victims. For the truth to set you free, you have to grant it permission. But if our mind is trained to resist and reject the concept of mind-freedom, the use of powerful natural affirmations can evoke a passionate inner-self’s desire to grant permission.


“Right now in all ways and forever more, my unconscious mind is not a participating medium of life-harmful/toxic mind-programming!”

How do we use this super-powerful ELIXIR OF LIFE?

First of all, give yourself permission to receive unconditional love from anywhere. Then, if you really want to get the best possible experience from the remainder of your life, simply affirm and re-affirm the above affirmation with the type-of-Intent that you have chosen to support the quality of life that you really want. Mentally consume the affirmation daily for at least one month. Share your experience  with others.

DREAM (visualize!) and BE (actualize!)


Run this simple pain-free/cost-free detox program for two or three weeks and experience how much your happiness and enthusiasm for life has developed and continue super-charging it according to your preferences.


You might say this game-plan sounds too hard, too simple, too healthy or too scary or just not appropriate (such as, ‘Ignorant Crap!‘) because you have a better game-plan. Maybe you are still afraid and simply feel forced to remain emotionally imprisoned and hypnotically constrained by ‘Systems of ‘Belief’. Be daring, suffering at the hands of often-brutal people farming systems has never been a reasonable alternative to unconditional love.


As clear as crystal.

To the average Jo Blow or Jill Smith, N.L.P. probably means less than Jack Schitt. But, as our old and out of date reality systems collapse around us, this extraordinary life-saving information is reaching around the World so that we can freely self-initiate ourselves to what it can do towards renewing life itself.


N.L.P. is a universal language system (uncommonly known as Natural Language Processing) which can be easily understood and the following word descriptions may be of benefit to the un-initiated.

Neuro: The concept that all human behaviour is physiological, in other words, it has its origins in neurological processes such as sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Simple examples of links between trained emotional-response programming and physical changes include butterflies in the stomach when we feel nervous or going red with embarrassment, even when the situation may be artificially created.

Linguistic: (Language) To make sense of information and communicate with others, we use different forms of language to transfer meaning and negotiate results.

Processing (Programming) Patterns of how we organize ideas and actions. Once a pattern is learned, the brain will continue to use it until some different pattern is learned.


………… We now have the information required to refresh the programs in our minds, become emotionally enabled to progressively update our expanding awareness of pain-pleasure and receive extraordinary valuable life-enhancing rewards for re-activating our prime-intent and detoxing our unconscious emotional-response programs.

Try this Karmic-Response invitation,

”Attempt to forget that you have read or mentally consumed this document and deny others from their authentic opportunity to experience and share life-long benefits from using this extraordinary unique metaphysical health and safety program.”

From the Life-Enhancement Team at WARMICHAUSTRALIA.COM




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